All I know is that I am buzzing at the prospect of riding every week. I get the whole eye roll from my kids because it’s all I talk about these days. I didn’t have a clue what I’d signed up for, who the group was run by or who else was going. After having torn the cartilage in my knee, I had given up on netball 3 years ago and had felt deflated at the lack of sports/fitness activities left for me to choose from. Needless to say, I truly feel like I’ve developed wings, and that was after the very first lesson. I am so very grateful for your ability to teach what you’ve probably done hundreds of times before, with the utmost patience and compassion of the true professional you are. Your simple explanation of riding techniques has made the difference of giving me the confidence to weave through a crowded park on a blissfully sunny afternoon like a pro. (well in my mind anyway!). I just could never have done it without you. As much as I am aware of how funny we may come across to onlookers, with our middle-aged frames and hijabs flapping under our helmets, just know for sure that we are all incredibly grateful for this flight of freedom you have rekindled in us and the ability to let the kid in us surface again!