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Fozia Naseem

Fozia Naseem

Having been through many challenges in life from a very young age and having to overcome them alone wasn’t easy.


I went through most of my childhood feeling worthless, unloved and lost as if I had no roots or grounding that made me feel secure. Through adulthood it continued, where I made bad choices because of not feeling worthy of anything good and by the age of 32, I really wasn’t in a good place.


During this time, the one thing that I did find was stability whilst on my bike. I saw the World from a difference perspective where I connected with nature and found it grounded me and gave me a sense of belonging. It was here I felt at peace and reminded me of how grateful I was that I had my health and a body that served me well. It gave me self-respect and allowed me the space to make positive changes to flourish and grow into the woman I am today.


That’s where my real journey started of self-discovery. I researched, studied, read all manner of studies on self-help and after some years grew as a person. I found my soul purpose. I wanted to save the World one person at a time. I knew that I’d gone through all that I had to, to be able to help change peoples perception of their worlds.


To help me embark on my journey to help others who had suffered trauma I went on to study NLP and mBIT. That was like giving birth. If you’ve never given birth, then trust me when I tell you that it was painful! But, the result was nothing short of a miracle.


At the same time, I also ended up in a job of my dreams, which was to do with what I love and get paid for it, Cycling!


It was during some cycling sessions ran by my colleagues and I with South Asian ladies who wanted to learn to ride a bike, where it all naturally came together. Many of them had the physical ability to do it, but we found that they had a psychological block or self-doubt that held them back through the internal language they were using. It was only when we brought their attention to the internal language that they would feel challenged as they had never actually tuned in to it. It was here that they discovered what was going on and accepting something had to change.


It would occasionally turn out that we would have to take some time out away from cycling with some of the ladies to deal with what was going on with them internally before they could move forward. Once they got back on the bike, it was transformational. It was a massive achievement through cycling, but more importantly, it was the psychological benefits that the bike, used as tool, that really made them evolve into the amazing women they are today.


We wanted to create a change in others where it mattered and where it was close to our hearts. To ignite the same passion of challenging, discovering and evolving and here it just presented itself.