Creating Change through Radical Kindness

We believe anything’s possible. That’s our mission. Our co-founders clicked over a shared vision to support everyone to learn to ride a bike. But it’s more than just riding a bike.  Our passion is building a movement where everyone feels anything’s possible through the power of physical activity. Since 2018, we’ve hosted cycling classes for local people, steadily building a community of over 2,500 cyclists in Bradford. We support people to cycle, in particular South Asian women who may have missed the opportunity as children.  As well as being British Cycling certified instructors, Hop-On’s instructors are all Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) practitioners.  When our team encounter resistance along their journey, they create change through radical kindness. The UK’s Belong Network invited our co-founder Fozia to discuss her approach to Radical Kindness. Listen below.

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